Friday, October 27, 2017

Finally done!

Have you ever planned the most awesome project?   Collected everything you'd need to complete it, and then for whatever list of reasons you don't seem to ever get to doing the project?  Well, that is exactly what happened to me.  (I'd like to say it's a rare occurence, but it happens all too often!)

Here is my completed fall wreath.  I had purchased the grapevine wreath at a yard sale a couple years ago, stamped and cut out the leaves, and then just put everything away.  I meant to get to making it!  Well, I'm so pleased with the finished result.

So, if you have an unfinished projects (or two or twenty) take a moment this weekend and work on it.  Such a great feeling of accomplishment!

Happy stamping,



Jon and Jolie said...

That is beautiful!!! I am so guilty when it comes to buying things for a project and not getter my it done! ����

Amy Taylor said...

I'd love to say that this was the only unfinished project I have, but it would be quite a fib!