Saturday, June 29, 2013

Busy planning

It's been a busy few weeks planning my friends bridal shower that takes place today.  Thankfully, I'm co-hosting the event so I didn't have all of the items to plan for.

I did take advantage of My Digital Studio in order to make a few things.

I wanted to have pretty water bottles for those who didn't want to drink punch.  I was able to design labels that matched the colors we are using, and print out 4 to a sheet of paper.

Since I'm responsible for the games, I decided upon bridal bingo.  And, yes, I could have purchased the game somewhere (and it might have been cheaper).  However, this one is personalized, professional and matches the colors!  It was the project that took ALOT of time (there are 18 different ones), but it was fun!

Once today is over, I can start working on Convention swaps!  

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