Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Digital Studio Calendar

This afternoon I watched a webinar hosted by Stampin' Up! having to do with My Digital Studio.  If you aren't familiar with MDS, it's our digital designing software, and it's a wonderful program to make scrapbooks, cards, calendars and so much more!

Stampin' Up! has been releasing free downloads each month, and since January they have been desktop calendars for 2013.  I got to thinking after watching the webinar, why couldn't I make them for 2014 and have them printed in December from the professional printing company.  I've been pleased so far with how they are turning out.

In order to "block" the 2013 calendar, I've placed a square punch over the top and matched the color of the background so that it's seamless.  Then, I added the month and year that I wanted (a great new feature in MDS), adjusted the font, color and size.  

If you already have the old MDS, you can now upgrade it for FREE!  Yes, for free.  If you've been holding out, the full program is now only $19.95 US.  A great deal!

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Boni Montaño said...

oooh great idea! They are turning out great! I need to try this. :)