Thursday, April 4, 2019

And Just Like That.....

Have you ever had one of those moments where you blinked and it seemed like the world spun by far too quickly?  That has been what it's been like for me since January.  I recently looked at my blog and realized that it had been months since I've posted anything!  Yikes!!!!

Let me catch you up on some of what has gone on in my life since January 6th, when I last posted anything here on

January 17-20th I was privileged to attend a conference for all teaching directors for Community Bible Study at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It was an amazing time in a gorgeous setting.  I came away refreshed and challenged. 

On  Monday, January 21st I traveled as I do each month to Thornton, Colorado for the monthly stamp club that I've taught for 11 years now.  Because a snow storm was in the forecast, and it was set to start snowing about the time that I would leave the decision was made to drive our pickup truck that is four-wheel drive instead of the Chevy Camaro that I usually drive.  That decision would turn out to have been a very good decision!

At just a little after 8:30 that evening, as I was approaching the turn for Interstate 25, our pickup truck was met by a Chevy Tahoe that had run the red light.  I'm so thankful for God's protective hand over me that night!  The airbags deployed, but I walked away with minor injuries.  (I did have a mild concussion, some whip-lash, and lower back pain.) The pickup truck unfortunately, did not drive away.  :-(  

On February 7th, my dad who lives in Georgetown, Texas called me.  We had a wonderful conversation, discussing the above mentioned wreck and so many other topics.  He had called both of my sisters this evening as well since he and his wife had recently finished a couple trips.  One of those trips was to Haiti to do short-term mission work drilling a well.  (Oh, and his wife had surgery the day before too!)

Within an hour of talking with my dad, his wife called to say that he'd had a heart attack.  That diagnosis was a bit like a roller-coaster as it changed to a stroke, then a mini-stroke, to meningitis, and finally to encephalitis.  He had been in his wife's hospital room and was getting up to leave when he'd collapsed.  We are so very thankful to God that he was immediately cared for by medical personnel!  He was rushed to the ICU in Austin where they were better equipped to care for a brain infection.  

A week later, I traveled to Austin to see my dad and to be with his wife.  It was a difficult trip as my dad was pretty much in a coma-like state the entire time I was there.  Only opening his eyes briefly.  

It's now the beginning of April, and my dad is now at a rehab hospital in Georgetown, Texas closer to his home.  He is able to talk, and I've been blessed to have a number of short conversations now; even a couple of face-time calls which were priceless!  There has been some damage to his memory and he's working very hard to regain his strength and what has been lost.  We are hopeful that he will make a full-recovery, but that is yet to be realized fully.

So, I know this has been a long post but I've had a lot on my mind.  And, posting here just hasn't been among them.   Promise I'll post some projects tomorrow!

Now to some happy stamping!

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