Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2-4-6-8 Frankenstein Box

These cute little boxes were one of the projects made at one of my stamp club meetings last night. The original idea is not mine, I just expanded on it to include the ears and the "bolts" at the side of Frank's head. There are no stamps used to make him, just a paper trimmer with scoring blade and punches.

I'll do my best to explain the process. You will start with a piece of Old Olive cardstock that measures 8-1/2"x5-1/2". With the cardstock placed into the paper trimmer horizontally along the 8-1/2" side, use the scoring blade to score at 2", 4", 6" and 8". Turn the cardstock around vertically along the 5-1/2" side, and score at 1".

Hold the cardstock horizontally once again, with the 1" side at the bottom. Trim off the lower 1/2" tab on the far left only with paper snips. Place the piece back into the paper trimmer, having the cutting blade in place, the 1/2" tab along the left side and the top of the 8-1/2" side along the top of the trimmer. Cut down from the top 3" along each score line. Cut the 1/2" flap along the top edge at an angle using the paper snips.

Turn the cardstock around again along the 5-1/2" side with the bottom edge to the left. Line up the left edge at the 2-1/2" mark. Cut across the 2nd and 4th flaps, being certain to not cut beyone the score marks. Keep the pieces of cardstock to use for the accents on the face and ears.

Make vertical cuts at teh bottom to create the 1" flaps for the bottom of the box. Use the bone folder to make crisp folds at all score lines. Apply SNAIL close to the side tab's score line and along one of the larger bottom flaps at the very edge Apply a strip of Sticky Strip along one top flap (but don't remove the red tape until you are finished and ready to assemble).

The "hair" is made from a piece of Perfect Plum cardstock measuring 2"x2". Cut jagged angles to resember what I call "Charlie Brown" hair. Then attach the hair to the top of one side of the box (now called the front). The ears are made with the Round Tab punch. Punch one from a piece of the leftover Old Olive cardstock removed from the box. Cut it in half and attach to the sides of the face using snail. From the other piece of leftover Old Olive cardstock, punch out 2 circles with the 1" circle punch. Cut these in half. You will only use 3 halves. Sponge around the edges using a stamping sponge and Old Olive ink. One is the nose and the other 2 are for the eye-lids. Punch 2 circles from a Whisper White scrap of cardstock using the 1" circle punch. Next, punch 2 circles from a scrap of Basic Black cardstock using the 3/4" circle punch. Attach the Whisper White circles on the front for the eyes, overlapping slightly in the center. Next, attach the Basic Black circles (the pupils) on top of the eyes. Use the Signo-Gel Pen to add highlights to the eyes. Finally, attach the eye-lids on top of the eyes, and the nose below the eyes at an angle. The "bolts" are made using the Word Window Punch and a scrap of Basic Gray cardstock. Punch one and then cut it in half with the paper snips. Bend back the cut edge about 1/4" and attach to the lower part of the sides of the box. To finish it all off, Make a scar at the top left on Frank's forehead and for his mouth, using the Basic Black marker. Now, remove the red tape from the top and adhere the box shut. Fill with your choice of treat!

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